About Expert Register

Australian Dental and Health Occupations

As a little, absolutely independent publisher, not limited by mums and dad business or any associations, we have a vibrant edge on the competitors, enabling us to act in the interests of the Professionals and their users.

We have one basic goal, specifically:

To offer open and simple access for the Australian dental and health occupations to Experts in all of the disciplines for which they might require skilled suggestions or assistance.

Our Intention: continuously aim to enhance our services to Experts and those who utilize them.

We do not: recline on our posteriors or rest on our laurels.

Our policy is to respond favorably to the requirements both of those who utilize our Directories and the Experts themselves.

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Want to include yourself to our panel of health experts?

So, we continually canvass our users for their remarks and recommendations. That this has actually been an effective policy is revealed by the development in the size and circulation figures of our publications for many years because we produced our very first Directory.

We offer this to both public and the media. So popular did it end up being, that we released yearly editions afterwards, expanding our scope and service, so that different Scottish and Irish editions were quickly included.

Our integrated directory aim this year will consist of information of more than 3000 Experts topped more than 3400 disciplines and will be dispersed to over 105,000 receivers, consisting of, for the very first time, significant police and recommendation libraries.