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About Expert Witness

As a small, totally independent publisher, not restrained by parent companies or any associations, we have a dynamic edge on the competition, allowing us to act in the interests of the Experts and their users.

We have one simple objective, namely:

To provide open and easy access for the Legal and Media professions to Experts in all of the disciplines for which they may need expert advice or guidance.

We do: constantly look to improve our services to Experts and those who use them.

We do not: recline on our posteriors or rest on our laurels.

Our policy is to react positively to the needs both of those who use our Directories and the Experts themselves.

So, we continuously canvass our users for their comments and suggestions. That this has been a successful policy is shown by the growth in the size and distribution figures of our publications over the years since we produced our first Directory.

We distribute this to solicitors, barristers’ chambers, Law Courts, police forces, insurance companies and the media. So popular did it become, that we published annual editions thereafter, enlarging our scope and service, so that separate Scottish and Irish editions were soon added, together with a Website edition, our Expert Referral SearchLine, and, this year, our new Directory of Ancillaries and a sister company in Australia to do the same thing in South East Asia.

Our combined Northern Hemisphere Directories this year will contain details of more than 3000 Experts spread over more than 3400 disciplines and will be distributed to over 105,000 recipients, including, for the first time, major police forces and reference libraries.

Increasingly the electronic media is being used by the legal profession as the number one resource for locating Expert Witnesses and we are proud that our website, is firmly established as the number one in the Australia.